Diane and Steve of Charlottesville, VA contacted me because they were having some issues with their 7 year old rescued hound mix, Sugar, and decided to pursue dog training to try and resolve the problems.Sugar was showing some concerning behavior especially at the front door when guests or delivery drivers would visit. Sugar, a healthy 70 pound dog, would charge up to the new person barking and looking quite threatening. Diane & Steve were growing concerned that she may bite someone. Using obedience training and remote collar training we were able to strengthen Sugar’s obedience commands and also helped her learn to stay calm and under control during those high anxiety situations like when the doorbell rings. Here’s what Diane had to say about her experience with us:

We contacted Heather to help us with Sugar, our rescued hound dog, who was overprotective with visitors. Heather taught us to communicate our rules, and the training sessions she provided strengthened our bond with Sugar. Sugar is calmer and more confident thanks to Heather, and we are much more comfortable with Sugar around strangers. We actually think that Sugar loves us more!”
March 5, 2017