Puppy Training Charlottesville, Waynesboro and Staunton Virginia

Puppy Programs (For dogs under 5 months)

Puppy Jump-Start Program

This program gives you and your family the knowledge, skills, and support you need to raise the perfect puppy!

We understand how challenging it can be to add a young puppy to busy family life. This program will make the puppy raising experience as painless and enjoyable as possible.

With the right knowledge, priceless tips and extensive support from your very own professional dog trainer, you’ll be able to prevent the most common unwanted behaviors that puppies sometimes develop as they get older…

And you’ll be able to resolve things like play-biting, housetraining struggles and chewing, without having to struggle with them for months or years!

Puppy Jump-Start Program includes:
  • Puppy Consult- a 2 hour in-home consult discussing how to curb unwanted behaviors, how to properly socialize a puppy, tips for crate and potty training and how to start teaching your puppy to pay attention to you
  • Socialization Field Trip- we meet you out in public to safely expose your puppy to new things and places while working on teaching your puppy to pay attention to you and stay calm around distractions
  • Foundational Obedience Training- 3 in-home lessons teaching the obedience commands you will use for the rest of your puppy’s life (sit, down, come, place, leave it and walking on a leash)

Cost = $799

Platinum Puppy Program

This program is the epitome of comprehensive training for your puppy! This is way more than just teaching your puppy to sit for a cookie. If you’ve ever had visions of one day owning a dog that could go anywhere with you, walk on-leash politely through busy areas and crowds, listen off-leash without food bribes, yelling or chasing, and be a well-mannered companion in the home then this is the program for you.

This program is specifically designed to help deal with the challenges during the puppy stage, start teaching the foundation of obedience training, focuses on proper socialization (aka being calm and polite in public) BUT THEN continues into adolescence where we begin more formal training, nip any unwanted teenage behaviors in the bud and work all the way to off-leash freedom and control. It’s been hugely successful for our clients and we love offering it to people with young puppies because we start them off right, avoid any major behavior issues, and end up with an adult dogs that can go anywhere their owners want to take them.  The rewards for both your family and your puppy are huge!

Platinum Puppy Program includes:

Everything listed above in the Puppy Jump-Start PLUS The Good Dog Transformation Program (to be started when puppy is 5 months old)

  • 6 additional private lessons to solidify and proof all the obedience commands on and off-leash: walking on leash without pulling through the Downtown Mall, going to & staying on their dog bed when company comes over, coming when called the first time you ask off-leash
  • Access to private client-only Facebook Group with special events, content and advice
  • Unlimited Group Classes for practice and socialization around other people, dogs and distractions
  • All training equipment included: ecollar, training collar, treat pouch, long-line, place cot

Cost = $2,125

*Financing offered through PayPal Credit.

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