Off Leash Dog Training Waynesboro Virginia

The Good Dog Transformation Program

“Making bad dogs good, and good dogs great”

This program will give you and your dog the freedom to enjoy life together anywhere and everywhere you want to go! This is our all-inclusive private lesson program for families who want the absolute best out of their dog.

Your dog will listen to you the first time, every time, happily being attentive, even around distractions.

You’ll also be able to get your dog’s attention easily and stop doing things like jumping, digging, and barking.

This training program will make your dog happy and enthusiastic about training so you can enjoy the freedom of your dog coming to you reliably off-leash, being well-mannered around the house even with guests, and the peace of mind that your dog is safe and reliable.

You even get unlimited access to Pack Walks and Group Classes to speed up your dog’s progress and help you practice your own skills at the same time.

This program will address issues such as leash reactivity, anxiety, fear around strangers and dogs, fighting between dogs living together in the home, and other behavior problems.

The Good Dog Program includes:

  • A comprehensive behavior consult and training plan
  • 4 In-home private lessons
  • 2 Real World training sessions
  • Support resources like detailed lesson notes, videos and more
  • 6 commands: heel, sit, down, come, let’s go, and place
  • All training equipment needed including Ecollar Technologies ecollar, long line, treat pouch, and place board
  • Access to Client-Only Facebook Group
  • Pack Walks and other client-only events
  • Monthly Group Classes for the life of your dog

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