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The Good Dog Transformation Program

“Helping Good Dogs Be GREAT!”

Hey Virginia dog owners!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably like a lot of dog owners we work with…
Your dog is an important member of your family and you love your dog a lot, but some of your dog’s behaviors are causing problems.

And if you’re like a lot of our clients, I can guess what’s happening…

-Walks aren’t as fun and enjoyable as they should be. Maybe your dog is pulling and it’s getting harder to physically control your dog, or maybe your dog is generally ok on walks… until you encounter a distraction like another dog, or a squirrel, or a kid on a scooter.

All you want to do is enjoy a nice walk with your dog around the neighborhood or go into the pet store or have lunch at a local brewery, but you can’t count on your dog behaving the way you want.

-Answering the doorbell and having guests over to the house is an embarrassing struggle and results in either a battle at the door to keep your dog from barking and jumping all over your friends and possibly bolting out the open door, or you’re forced to shut your dog in a back bedroom.

-Your dog’s “selective listening” when you go to the park and let your dog off-leash means you can’t count on your dog coming back to you when you call, or they might come back if you bribe them with something yummy enough and call them 10 times.

But even then your dog is probably only coming to you if there isn’t anything distracting or interesting happening. If there’s a squirrel, deer, or another dog at the park… you know you can forget about your dog listening to you.

-Maybe your dog is showing some anxiety at home, at the vet, or out in public… or maybe your dog used to be really friendly as a young puppy but has started displaying some aggressive behavior around other people and/or dogs.
You know your dog is stressed and not as happy as they should be, but you’ve tried everything, and nothing is helping.

If you can see yourself and your dog in any of these descriptions,

It’s okay!

The good news is there is hope. There is a solution.

* Our unique Good Dog Transformation Program gives dog owners results in 60 Days or Less. We can help you and your dog achieve…

>Complete On-Leash Obedience- Your dog will walk politely and calmly on-leash around your neighborhood past other people and dogs, at farmer’s markets, or at the Downtown Mall, making walks both enjoyable and FUN for you and your dog!

>Total Off-Leash Obedience- Imagine calling your dog away from other dogs (or even squirrels!) with just one word and your dog comes running back to you happily without you having to bribe him or her with treats or raise your voice.
Off-Leash hikes in the woods in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains or running on the beach on vacation on the Outer Banks, or play dates with friends and their dogs at the park will be your new reality after completing our Good Dog Transformation Program.

>Great Manners- No more: jumping on guests, knocking over the kids or Grandma, stealing food off the counters, getting into the trash, chewing your furniture and woodwork, barking at the neighbors or the mailman, or playing keep away with your expensive sandals. Your dog’s calm behavior and being totally under control will be the norm in your house.

>Behavior Mod- Anxiety and aggressive behavior will be a thing of the past. Resource guarding will be replaced with a dog who easily drops items as soon as you ask. Instead of being shy or fearful around people your dog will be confident and comfortable hanging out with you and your friends.

* Our one of a kind Good Dog Transformation Program offers a systematic process for training your dog so you can achieve high levels of obedience and great manners, while also addressing any unwanted behavior problems. We offer this program in 2 formats for you to choose from for your convenience:

1. Private Lessons 
2. Home School

Schedule a FREE Phone Consult to learn more about our training program options and to discuss your goals for your dog.

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