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 1. Private Lesson Program

Private lessons are a great way to build a stronger relationship with your dog while also building your own personal dog skills and knowledge at the same time.

Private lessons are ideal for dog owners who have the time and commitment to work with their dogs every day and want to be heavily involved in their dog’s training journey.

You will meet with your professional dog trainer about once a week for 60-90 minutes. Your dog trainer will spend the lesson working with your dog, demonstrating what you should do, and then coaching you while you work with your dog. Most clients will need 6 lessons.

You will have homework to work on at home between lessons. You are expected to practice 2-4 times every day for 10-20 minutes each time.

In addition to your homework exercises, your trainer will give you guidelines and recommendations on how to make changes in how you live with and interact with your dog at home.

Private Lesson Program also includes:

COST: $1,775

*Financing offered through PayPal Credit.

2. Day School Program

Day School Program

Want the results you would get from our intensive Board and Train program without sending your dog away from home? Our Day School program is the perfect way to give your dog a jump-start in their training. This is a 3 week program. Your dog will spend 4 days a week working with a professional trainer learning the ins and outs of obedience training, good manners and polite social skills and enjoy their evenings and weekends at home with their family. Owners will receive a private lesson at the end of each week to learn how to practice with their dog and reinforce what they learned. 

Day School is ideal for dogs that benefit from more 1-on-1 professional trainer time and for owners who are committed to their dog’s training and will be able to follow through and reinforce what their dog learns. This program is designed for puppies 5 months or older, adult dogs and newly adopted dogs.  This is a complete obedience program and your dog will be fully off-leash trained. Let Lead the Way K9 Training give your dog the jump-start training to be the best dog he can be and we’ll give you the tools, knowledge, and support to get the most out of your dog.

LOCATION: Our Day School program is held at our location at 933 Second Street S.E., Suite 501, Charlottesville VA 22903.  Located inside the new Animal Connection store in the IX Park complex.

SCHEDULE: Dogs will need to be dropped off Tuesday through Friday between 8-10 am, and picked up between 4-5 pm. Owner private lessons are 90 minutes and will be held on Saturdays.

Also included in this program:

COST: $2,499

*Financing offered through PayPal Credit

Board and Train Charlottesville Virginia

3. Board & Train Program

Our Exclusive LIFETIME Training Program!

Want your dog to listen to you every time without hard work? Let us do the hard work for you! This exclusive program is only available to a few clients a month and will give you all the benefits an all-inclusive longer 1-on-1 program in half the time because we’ll take care of your dog’s initial training. And then teach you how to maintain it.

This program is also perfect for families who have a vacation coming up since we can take care of your dog during this program while teaching them all the skills they need to be well-mannered and listen in any situation.

All in the comfort of a home environment with a professional dog trainer (instead of a loud, crowded boarding kennel!)

Imagine your dog coming to you and sitting in front of you every time you call, even off-leash and around really big distractions. On top of that, no more pulling you on the leash, jumping on your guests, nipping at the kids, barking out the window, chewing things around the house, or stealing things from the counters.

This program gives you a happy and attentive dog that listens the first time, every time you give a command.

How our Board & Train Program works:

Your dog will spend 21 days living in a professional dog trainer’s home, alongside the trainer’s own dogs and family. With 24/7 immersion training, your dog will learn all their obedience commands on AND off-leash by the time they go home. Good manners and learning to practice calmness and control are an important part of this program too. Your dog will also train around distractions and in new environments around town. This is real-world dog training! 

You’ll receive regular detailed updates from your trainer on your dog’s progress as well as daily videos and photos so you can follow along with their training progress. During the go-home transfer lesson, you and your family will learn all the techniques and commands to keep reinforcing your dog’s training and manners at your home and we will show you how to maintain everything your dog has learned. 

The best part of our board and train program?  It comes with a Lifetime Training Guarantee– FREE follow-up lessons for the life of your dog! You’ll also get access to Unlimited group classes, exclusively offered only to our training clients, and access to our private Facebook group where we post tips, videos, and other resources for ongoing support of our dog training clients. 

Cost = $3,600

*Financing offered through PayPal Credit.


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