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We’ll teach your dog and show you everything you need to know so your dog finally listens and your life with them is so much more enjoyable. With personal 1-on-1 support from your professional dog trainer, you can have the dog of your dreams sooner than you think. With a variety of training options, we have something for every Lyndhurst dog owner!

Dog Training Options in Lyndhurst VA

Private Lesson Programs

Lead The Way K9s 1-on-1 in-home lessons are personalized to your specific needs and goals for your dog, allowing you to focus your efforts on what really matters to you. Our comprehensive programs include creating structure, house rules, and boundaries to help you Lead the Way to live with your dog filled with enjoyment instead of stress and frustration. Our professional trainers will work directly with your dog to understand their training needs, and will deliver a well-behaved dog back to your Charlottesville home!

Puppy Training

Have you recently become the proud owner of a brand new puppy? This can be an exciting time but it is important to ensure your puppy gets proper training in order to grow into a respectful dog! Here at Lead the Way K9 we LOVE working with new puppy owners! Early socialization and training are one of our specialties and something we have a lot of experience with and also gets a lot of enjoyment out of.

Basic Leash Manners Training

On-leash obedience is the foundation for having a truly great dog. The walk is such an important part of a dogs relationship with their family and translates over into other behaviors as well. We can help provide your dog with basic leash manners which can turn your chaotic walks into enjoyable strolls!

If you are a dog owner in Lyndhurst VA and are struggling to get your dog to obey you or listen to your commands, contact Lead the Way K9 Training today and we can help transform your dog’s behavior!

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