Want the results you would get from our intensive Board and Train program without sending your dog away from home? Our day training program is the perfect way to give your dog a jump-start in their training. Your dog will spend 4 days a week working with a professional trainer in your own home learning the ins and outs of obedience training, good manners and social skills and enjoy their evenings and weekends at home with their family. Owners will receive a private lesson at the end of each week to learn how to practice with their dog over the weekend. Day training is ideal for dogs that need more 1-on-1 professional trainer time and for owners who are committed to their dog’s training and will be able to follow through and reinforce what their dog learns. This program is designed for puppies 5 months or older, adult dogs and newly adopted dogs.  This is a complete obedience program and your dog will be fully off-leash trained (3-week program). Let Lead the Way K9 Training give your dog the jump-start training to be the best dog he can be and we’ll give you the tools, knowledge, and support to get the most out of your dog

****4 Week and longer custom programs available for more severe behavioral needs (aggression, anxiety, fear issues, reactivity) or long-term training needs.