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Success Stories

“Justin, me, Moxie and Atlas are at the beach this week (got here Friday) and it has been a complete 180 from the last couple of years at the beach. People stop them on the beach and comment on how well-behaved they are. Dogs off-leash or acting up run towards them and they are able […]

BEFORE TRAINING: Kaiya, a 4 year old female Golden Retriever who was adopted after having spent her life as a puppy mill breeder. Her new owners immediately recognized that she needed even more than just obedience training; she was extremely fearful of almost everything including loud noises, doorways, men, and any new situations. Having never […]

Gromit & Lindsay in Charlottesville, VA4 year old female Lab MixBefore Training:Separation anxiety and a “Velcro Dog” following owner around 24/7. Not trustworthy off-leash and would chase small animals. Leash reactivity and overall poor leash skills- barking, pulling, not paying attention on walks. Training was important because: Owner wants to be comfortable taking Gromit on […]

Pepper & Katy in Keswick, VA 1.5 year old female rescue Lab/Pit mix. Before Training: excitable, jumps and nipped at people out of over-excitement, easily distracted, selective listening, no self-control. What Owner has to say: Pepper went to the farm with us to pick blackberries yesterday and she was so well behaved. We didnt let […]

Karly & Claire in Ivy, VA 3 year old female rescue cockapoo. Before Training: Very dog reactive – barking, whining, lunging, just generally going nuts at the sight of other dogs. Needed better recall and general obedience. Owner knew she needed help and wanted to find a way to make her dog calm, happy and […]

Diane and Steve of Charlottesville, VA contacted me because they were having some issues with their 7 year old rescued hound mix, Sugar, and decided to pursue dog training to try and resolve the problems. Sugar was showing some concerning behavior especially at the front door when guests or delivery drivers would visit. Sugar, a […]

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