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Success Stories

“When I adopted Tiberius, I was completely smitten with his big personality and goofy antics. I was also completely unprepared for how his year-long stay in the shelter had led to resource guarding and extreme reactivity toward people and other dogs. I did the best that I could to work with him on basic obedience […]

“Justin, me, Moxie and Atlas are at the beach this week (got here Friday) and it has been a complete 180 from the last couple of years at the beach. People stop them on the beach and comment on how well-behaved they are. Dogs off-leash or acting up run towards them and they are able […]

BEFORE TRAINING: Kaiya, a 4 year old female Golden Retriever who was adopted after having spent her life as a puppy mill breeder. Her new owners immediately recognized that she needed even more than just obedience training; she was extremely fearful of almost everything including loud noises, doorways, men, and any new situations. Having never […]

Gromit & Lindsay in Charlottesville, VA4 year old female Lab MixBefore Training:Separation anxiety and a “Velcro Dog” following owner around 24/7. Not trustworthy off-leash and would chase small animals. Leash reactivity and overall poor leash skills- barking, pulling, not paying attention on walks. Training was important because: Owner wants to be comfortable taking Gromit on […]

Pepper & Katy in Keswick, VA 1.5 year old female rescue Lab/Pit mix. Before Training: excitable, jumps and nipped at people out of over-excitement, easily distracted, selective listening, no self-control. What Owner has to say: Pepper went to the farm with us to pick blackberries yesterday and she was so well behaved. We didnt let […]

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