Board and Train Charlottesville Virginia

Our Exclusive LIFETIME Training Program!

VIP Board & Train Program

Want your dog to listen to you every time without hard work? Let us do the hard work for you! This exclusive program is only available to a few clients a month and will give you all the benefits an all-inclusive longer 1-on-1 program in half the time because we’ll take care of your dog’s initial training. And then just teach you how to maintain it.

This program is also perfect for families who have a vacation coming up since we can take care of your dog during this program while teaching them all the skills they need to be well-mannered and listen in any situation.

All in the comfort of a home environment with a professional dog trainer (instead of a loud, crowded boarding kennel!)

Imagine your dog coming to you and sitting in front of you every time you call, even off-leash and around really big distractions. On top of that, no more pulling you on the leash, jumping on your guests, nipping at the kids, barking out the window, chewing things around the house, or stealing things from the counters.

This program gives you a happy and attentive dog that listens the first time, every time you give a command.

VIP Board & Train Program includes:

  • 21 days boarding at trainers home
  • 24/7 immersion training 
  • 2 In-home private follow-up lessons
  • Video updates and emails throughout your dog’s training program
  • Personalized training notes that explain everything your dog learned 
  • 7 commands on and off-leash: lets go, heel, sit, down, come, place, leave it
  • All training equipment needed including Ecollar Technologies ecollar and place board
  • Access to Client-Only Facebook Group
  • Monthly Pack Walks
  • Unlimited Monthly Group Classes
  • Lifetime Training Guarantee -FREE follow-ups for the life of your dog!!
  Let Lead the Way K9 Training give your dog a jump start to a future of being the best.