The improvement was remarkable…

BEFORE TRAINING: Kaiya, a 4 year old female Golden Retriever who was adopted after having spent her life as a puppy mill breeder. Her new owners immediately recognized that she needed even more than just obedience training; she was extremely fearful of almost everything including loud noises, doorways, men, and any new situations. Having never experienced living in a home let alone a downtown environment, she was struggling with the transition.

AFTER TRAINING: Kaiya is now able to enjoy the freedom of being totally off-leash at the park, coming back as soon as her mom or dad call her. She is a much more confident dog who has adjusted to life as a house pet remarkably well, she even enjoys going in the elevator at their condo. Jeff & Kaye were completely committed to doing all they could to help Kaiya live a happier and less-stressful life, and all their hard work and training practice certainly paid off.

“Heather at Lead the Way K9 Training is terrific. Our Vet recommended her and we were not disappointed. She helped us work with our very timid and skittish rescue, Kaiya. The improvement was remarkable and it was joy to watch our girl come out of her shell. Heather is very knowledgeable about training and training methods. We highly recommend her for any level of training that you might need for your canine companion!”
-Jeff Fracher of Charlottesville, VA

Such a difference in a short time…

Gromit & Lindsay in Charlottesville, VA
4 year old female Lab Mix
Before Training:Separation anxiety and a “Velcro Dog” following owner around 24/7. Not trustworthy off-leash and would chase small animals. Leash reactivity and overall poor leash skills- barking, pulling, not paying attention on walks.

Training was important because: Owner wants to be comfortable taking Gromit on long camping and hiking trips and for her to be off-leash.

After Training:Totally reliable off-leash and able to enjoy taking Gromit with her on outdoor trips. Able to enjoy daily walks instead of getting dragged on the leash. Enjoying more freedom for both dog and owner and recently added a puppy to their family and they are getting along great.

What Owner Has to Say:“She has been great on our walks and off-leash outings! Such a difference with Gromit in a short time.”