Heather Travis Owner/Trainer

Heather has been working with animals for over 15 years and working professionally with dogs since 2005.

Having worked in veterinary clinics, grooming salons, animal shelters, pet specialty retail, dog walking, and dog training businesses have given her a wide range of experience and expertise.

Being a consummate student, Heather is committed to improving her skills and knowledge by attending workshops and seminars enabling her to help more dogs and their families.

Heather realized her true passion for dog training after adopting her dog Ziva in 2010.

Since then Ziva has become a wonderful breed ambassador for bully breeds everywhere, a certified Canine Good Citizen and a Certified Therapy Dog.

Ziva helps earns her paycheck as Heather’s training assistant and is especially instrumental in the socializing of reactive and fearful dogs.


Certifications, Memberships & Seminars:

    • AKA CGC Evaluator Since 2013
    • Certified Therapy Dog Team May 2014
    • IACP Professional Member Since 2015
    • April 2014: Chad Mackin Pack to Basics Dogmanship Workshop Kingston, MA
    • August 2014: Kayce Cover Perception Modification Seminar Portland, ME
    • February 2015: Chad Mackin Pack to Basics Advanced Dog Socialization Workshop Kingston, MA
    • April 2016: Tyler Muto Problem Solver Workshop Kingston, MA
    • May 2016: Mark McCabe Perception Modification/Conditioned Relaxation Workshop¬†Elkridge, MD
    • June 2016: Robin MacFarlane E-Collar Training Workshop Denver, CO
    • October 2016: Robin MacFarlane E-Collar Training Workshop Scottsville, VA
    • December 2016: Bart Bellon NePoPo Seminar Herndon, VA
    • September 2019: International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) Conference Colorado Springs, CO
    • December 2019: Puppy Potential Workshop Raleigh, NC