Dog with Tongue Out

Lead the Way K9 Training’s Off-Leash Freedom Program

This program will give you and your dog the freedom to enjoy life together anywhere and everywhere you want to go!

This is our all-inclusive program for families who want the absolute best training experience.

More time with your trainer means less work and effort for you, and your dog gets farther along faster – listening in all kinds of situations, no matter how many distractions are around.

This program is also perfect for families who are overwhelmed by their dog’s more severe behaviors, or families who would just like to have an easier time with their dog’s initial training.

Well also make sure your dog listens off-leash, which is perfect because our dogs spend 90% of the time around the house with no leash on! Imagine being able to get your dog away from the counters, off your guests and to come from across the house without having to go get them!

In this program well spend more time together out in public to make sure your dog listens in every situation.

Off-Leash Freedom Program includes:

  • Comprehensive behavior consult and training plan
  • 3 In-home private lessons
  • 2 Real-World Practice training sessions
  • 2 Practice in the Park training sessions
  • 2 1-on-1 Jump Start days with your professional trainer
  • 7 Commands: heel, sit, down, come, place, let’s go and leave it
  • All training equipment needed including Dogtra ecollar, and place board
  • Exclusive invite to Pack Walks – get tips, practice and socialize with other people who are working with their dogs
  • 1 Year Training Support – if you need a refresher within 12 months, it’s included in this program


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